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  • How does Yovi`s Kitchen work?
    We plan, prepare and deliver halthy meals to your door. We cook and deliver on Mondays and Wednesdays. Select as many meals as you like and don`t worry about cooking during the week. Every Monday, you will see the menu for the following Monday and Wednesday. Order your Meals by 6pm Friday to ensure your delivery for the following week.
  • Deliveries & Charges
    Your meals are prepared from scratch on the day of delivery. Then we chill them, label all orders and deliver between 4:00pm-6:30pm on Mondays or/and Wednesdays depending on your order. This is a contactless delivery. If you are not home, we can leave your bags in a safe place specified by you. At check out, please select the delivery day to coincides with the menu you selected from. Single Delivery (Monday OR Wednesday) - delivery charge of £2.95 will apply at checkout unless you spend more than £70.00, then you will get a FREE DELIVERY Two Deliveries (Monday AND Wednesday) - delivery charge of £5.90 will apply at checkout unless you spend more than £120.00, then you will get a FREE DELIVERY
  • Is there a minimum order?
    There is a minimum order of £40.00 per checkout (delivery charges are not included)
  • Where do you deliver to?
    Please have a look at our delivery map HERE
  • Storage and Use By dates
    All meals come with a "Enjoy By" date (3 days after the meal has been made). Refrigerate your meals and simply reheat them in the microwave for about 2.5-3mins or until piping hot, whenever suitable for you. Some meals are also suitable for freezing.
  • What is the best way to reheat the Meals?
    Using microwave is the best way to reheat your Meals. Simply microwave them for 2.5-3 mins, or until piping hot. Some dishes contain fresh salad or dips/sauces that should be removed before reheating. You can also reheat your meals in the oven, if you prefer (until piping hot).
  • I have allergies
    ALL 14 ALLERGENS ARE USED IN YOVI`S KITCHEN. If you have any food allergies, please let us know in the Comment box before you checkout. Although each meal on our menu comes with a complete allergen information, we cannot guarantee that any of our meals do not contain traces of the main food allergens.
  • Can I cancel my Meals?
    You may cancel your order via our "Contact Us" page. Please do so no later than our Orders Cut-off time (midnight on Friday). Although cancellations past the Cut-off time might be accepted, they will not be refunded.
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