say goodbye to cooking


...and planning, shopping, chopping, and dishwashing...

for those who don`t always have time 
to cook during the week!

We`ll stock your fridge with healthy meals


Select your Meals

Choose the Meals you would like for the week. Order as many as you like from the Monday or/and the Wednesday Menu. Select the relevant delivery day and check out. 

how does it work?



We will cook, and deliver your meals to your door.

We deliver to:

Chipperfield, Berkhamsted, Bovingdon, Hemel Hempstead, Kings Langley, Flaunden and Felden 


reheat & enjoy

Reheat and enjoy your meals! 

They can be refrigerated for 3 days or some are suitable for freezing.

who is this ideal for? 


             ...busy, busy people

dinners delivered for the week means

you can focus on your work and not even think about what is for dinner or if you have the right ingredients.

​simply reheat your meals and enjoy your well deserved break!

Meal Delivery Food

Families relieve the chef at home

Don`t we all just want a bit of break sometimes?

you don`t have to get meals for the whole week. we cook on Mondays and Wednesdays- pick the meals you fancy 

You can also put some in the freezer!

Family Meal Prep Service

Singles for one is not easy!

shopping and cooking for one person can be quite challenging.

wave goodbye to the constant food waste at the end of the week.

we will deliver complete, portion-controlled meals to you. The menu changes weekly, and we can assure you, you won't get bored! 

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