Healthy Meals Delivery

How it works

*WE DELIVER TO: Chipperfield, Sarratt, Flaunden, Bovingdon,

Kings  Langley,  Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead

We will cook your meals on the day of the delivery (Monday or Wednesday) to ensure that you will get the freshest meals. The delivery is between 16:00-18:30h (on Mon and Wed). 

Every Monday you will be able to see what is on the Menu for the following week. Please place your orders latest by midnight on Friday, to get your next week`s Meals.

All meals are chilled and packed in individual containers and ready to be reheated for about 2-3mins in the microwave, or refrigerated for up to 3 days. Some of the meals are also suitable for freezing.

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whychoose us

There is never enough time in the day to do all the things we want to do.

Our services are designed to help you fit more into your busy schedule. We offer our customers peace of mind, by saving them a lot of time and making sure they have lovely meals to enjoy throughout the week without all the cooking.


You will not have to plan your meals, look for good quality ingredients and drive around multiple shops before even beginning to prepare your lunch or dinner. We will deliver ready meals to you so you can spend more time for yourself.

We ensure you that your meals are carefully planned. The ingredients are selected with a lot of care and personally picked, we do not work with suppliers who choose them instead of us. Our chefs are professionally trained and have a great experience, skills and passion for great food!

Ready Meal Dinner


All our meals are always cooked from scratch. Our seasonal menu changes every week. The ingredients we purchase are always fresh and carefully selected. We support the British Farmers by always choosing British ingredients first!


We are very passionate about the environment and we are always aiming to purchase loose ingredients and avoid single use plastic packaging.

Our packaging is 100% plastic free (completely compostable) and we are very proud of this! 

We try to avoid using anything we haven`t prepared ourselves. We endeavour to make sure there are no added artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.


Food does not have to be complicated; fresh, seasonal and healthy meals are what we are passionate about!

supporting others

Every year, before Christmas, Yovi`s Kitchen donates some money to a charity. Last year we chose to support Sustain. Sustain is a powerful alliance of organisations and communities working together for a better system of food, farming and fishing, and cultivating the movement for change.


This year we are looking forward to supporting another charity! This time we are going to donate 20% of the profits of our first shop item! (Raw Cotton Produce Bags).

To find out more, and to help us support SunnySide Rural Trust, please visit our Shop


Charity Support Work