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1 Week Meals +

1 Week Meals +


This is a great package for those of you who want to grab a healthy breakfast in the morning and go! And when it`s time for dinner, all you have to do is open the fridge and there it is! You can reheat and enjoy your meal whenever you feel hungry. It will be ready in 3 mins! How is that for time-saving?


When you order this Package, you will get all of your Meals on Monday.

You will get 5 Chef`s choice Meals and 3 Breakfast Pots


5x Meals (all different) 3 can be stored in the fridge, and at least 2 of them will be suitable for freezing

3x Breakfast Pots for Grab&Go in the morning


Enjoy your meals throughout the whole week. Simply freeze the ones that come with the "You can freeze me" label so you can enjoy them later on.



* You will get FREE DELIVERY


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